1. branches

    somewhere near Chicago


  2. (Source: colincaulfield)


  3. December 1, 2013 theme song

    I was on a train to the airport at 7 in the morning with my brother in Milan, Italy when I filmed his eye. I lost my boarding pass and missed our flight. He flew home and I had to return for another night in Milan, and recorded piano in my sister’s Dorm there. I had food poisoning at the time.




  6. XXI —  Hitting other sticks with a stick

    Northeastern USA


  7. LP2


    I am about to leave on a flight to Seattle with my bandmates to record our second album.  I have experienced an array of feelings over course of the past few years, and the songs on this album are representative of their entire spectrum.

    My dog, Boomerang, will be featured on the album.

    The most exciting art emerges from perceived chaos.  




  8. XX — Shayne

    Spruce House, Seattle, WA


  9. XIX ——- Tree longing to be on other side of fence

    Somewhere in Pennsylvania, USA


  10. XVIII - Two ghosts, making up for lost time.

    Squid’s yard, USA